YES!!! [May 5]

I finally graduated 9th grade!


I was also nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award! I’ll have a post addressing that very soon! 😉


Ugh… [May 4]

Great… I have to do another 2 months of school because of the time I missed while I was in Texas… Oh well. It’s only fair, I guess. How about we cheer things up a bit with some good news? Well

My birthday is less than a week away! Super excited! I’m turning 15, just in case you didn’t know… 😉

Hope you guys enjoy my blog! I’ll really try to keep you guys posted. See ya!

SCHOOL SUMMARY (Left Out of the Other Post)

English – Mark Twain, Chp. 20 – 22

Physical Science – More on light: Optics, How Cameras Work

Mathematics – I didn’t do it today…

Public Speaking – Last lesson on Body Language! Facial expressions to add to the overall feel and drama of the speech.

Business I – Didn’t have time today. I went out to eat dinner with my family.

Hope you enjoyed today’s posts!

Working On More New Stuff! [Apr. 26]

I’m getting lots done with my CG skills. I’m working on a new Intro Template. I might post it here for all of you to see if I get… Let’s say… 2 comments on this post, as well as the next. Even if I get 1 on each, I might still post it just so that one person can see it… (Yeah. I’m that lonely…)

English – Mark Twain’s Autobiography, Chp. 15 – 19;

Physical Science – Polarized Light & Light Version of The Doppler Effect. Light Version…? Light apparently distorts the same way sound does with the doppler effect. Wow…

Mathematics – More Conic Sections! Today is Hyperbolas. This is also the last part for Conic Sections!

Public Speaking – Extending my knowledge in Body Language while presenting a speech.

Business I – This part of “The Richest Man in Babylon” talks about debt. It says how you should just not go into debt at all. If you do go into debt, do anything you can to pay it off, because debt is very bad. If you’re in debt, don’t add to it and make it worse. That’s what I learned, anyway…

Another… [Apr. 25]

English – Mark Twain, Pt. 3; Chp. 12 – 13

Physical Science – Lesson 79: Internal Reflection/Dispersion. Hmm. That sounds a lot more advanced than I thought I would be learning… Yay! Should be fun.

Mathematics – More on Conic Sections! Ellipses. I like Ellipses since they are very fun to calculate and graph. The Ray Reflectivity section is also incredibly interesting. It shows how if there is something that emits a ray of some sort positioned at a Focal Point, the ray will bounce off the surface of the inside of the ellipse and end up going exactly through the center of the other Focal Point. Really cool.

Public Speaking – Learning how to present speeches along with proper body language to enhance the quality of the speech.

Business I –  The Richest Man in Babylon, Pt. 6; This lesson is basically more about the book, “The Richest Man in Babylon.” Today, I have to read Chp. 5, so I shall. This entire book seems to be talking about wealth, what comes with it (good and bad), and how to deal with those things. This will be very helpful for me once I start making a lot of money, or at least more than I make now…